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Club to Screen Award-Winning Doc; Director Q & A

LAPC member and volunteer Rouslan Ovtcharoff has produced a documentary that has been winning awards at film festivals. He has arranged for the Club to screen it on Thurs. July 26 at 7 pm at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood. rsvp

“The Resort” is a documentary about one of the first concentration camps during World War II, Theresienstadt, used by the Nazis as propaganda tool in order to dispel rumors about extermination camps . 


This film gives individual faces and personalities to the incomprehensible number of human beings who entered concentration camps and never came out,  by narrowing in on one small internment camp, Theresienstadt, and a handful of its prisoners who were able to maintain their optimism and humanity through misery and death, and managed to save their own lives against all odds.  Their stories are not only of personal survival; they also reveal how from 1941 to 1945 the small Czech city of Terezin, which had been turned into a transit camp for more then 150,000 Jews and was called the “Little Zionist Experiment” by Adolf Eichmann – played host to one of the strangest and most horrific perpetrations of inhumanity ever inflicted on the Jewish people, and how their willful and creative spirit rose above it all.


Director: Galina Kalashnikova

produced by: Svetlana Portnyansky, Rouslan Ovtcharoff, Lati Grobman and executive produced by: Irving Bauman, Christa Campbell.

Filmed and edited by Rouslan Ovtcharoff


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