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Robert Kovacik

Vice President
Patt Morrison
Los Angeles Times/KPCC

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Bloomberg News

Christina Villacorte
Los Angeles Daily News

Gloria Zuurveen
Pace News

Executive Director
Diana Ljungaeus
International Journalist



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Barbara Gasser
International Journalist

Jahan Hassan
Ekush News

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Spanish EFE News Service

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Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Carolina Sarassa

Stars Come Out for Awards Gala

When Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward receive the Los Angeles Press Club’s President’s Award on the 40thanniversary of Watergate at the Biltmore, the trophy will [...]

54th SoCal Journalism Awards: Gala at Biltmore to honor Woodward & Bernstein, David Goldstein, Pearl Family

Tickets, tables, sponsorship, ads are available now for the 54th Annual LA Press Club Journalism
Awards Gala at the Biltmore on June [...]

WATERGATE: The Press, Politics and the Presidency

KPCC Frank Stoltze, John Dean, Richard Reeves–photo by KPCC


John Dean, President Nixon’s former special council, promised new revelations on the Watergate cover-up in his [...]

Leap Day Ends So Cal Journo Awards Early Bird

You have one extra day—Leap Day Feb. 29—to enter and win a Los Angeles Press Club SoCal Journalism Award and save on every entry with our Early Bird rates.
We’re looking for the best work of 2011 in print, broadcast and the Internet, including the social networks.
If there were ever a year to become a finalist in the LA Press Club’s SoCal Journalism Awards, 2012 is the [...]