Adam Rose

Adam Rose is secretary of the Los Angeles Press Club and chairs the press rights committee. In that role, he builds dialogue with law enforcement in Southern California, government leaders in Sacramento, and journalist organizations across the country. He successfully lobbied for Senate Bill 98 (now codified as Penal Code §409.7), which prohibits police from arresting or intentionally interfering with journalists as they cover protests.

Journalists facing access issues or with other concerns should email pressrights [at] or contact Adam on Twitter or LinkedIn. He can provide both Signal and PGP contacts if needed for privacy and security.

Adam is COO at Starling Labs for Data Integrity, an academic research center cofounded by Stanford and USC to explore the intersection of technologies (specifically Web3) and human rights. Starling’s three practice areas (labs) are journalism, law and history. They focus on technologies that can authenticate and preserve reporting, solving issues like social media evidence disappearing or demonstrating that images haven’t been manipulated.

Involved with Los Angeles media for two decades, Adam was previously managing editor for news/sports/movies at Paramount+, served in senior newsroom leadership for the Huffington Post, worked for the Los Angeles Times, and was an editor and contributor for LAist. He studied Public Policy, Management and Planning at USC.