Reporting on Systemic Racism Grant

Systemic racism is ingrained in institutions throughout the United States. Following protests after the police killing of George Floyd, many communities are trying to create a world where racism is not embedded in criminal justice, housing, public health and many of the systems that govern everyday life. What does that look like?

The Los Angeles Press Club is funding reporting that focuses on effective responses to institutional racism. We’re looking for stories that surface and critically assess alternatives to racist structures and practices. We want stories of what is working and how communities got there.

Is there a place where a “people’s budget” is working? Or perhaps an alternative method of policing? Maybe a community has taken action to stamp out discriminatory practices in housing or education.

We hope to catalyze strong solutions coverage over the next few months that is relevant to your communities; that sparks engagement and public discourse; and that informs meaningful, systemic public-sector innovation.

You need to live and work in Southern California to apply for funds.

You do not need to be a member of the L.A. Press Club, but the grants are only open to freelancers or journalists with part-time work.

You should be a writer, photojournalist, videographer, TV journalist, radio journalist or podcaster. And your project should be focused on solutions journalism to be valid.

We are looking for story proposals across media platforms that report on innovative responses to historical racial injustices.

Ideal proposals should include one or more of the following elements:

  • Investigation and explanation of how communities, policymakers, public agencies and other institutions have addressed problems.
  • Use of data and/or research to report stories, providing evidence about the efficacy of the response, not just highlighting cosmetic approaches.
  • A strategy for measuring impact, beginning with a clear goal for the story or project.
  • Use of multimedia, data visualization or social media to tell stories.
  • Engagement activities that connect the reporting to constructive public discourse.

Stories can be told in any number of formats. The L.A. Press Club welcomes shorter pieces as well as longer take-outs; investigative series; mobile-friendly content; TV news segments or public affairs programming; radio pieces and podcasts; data visualizations and interactive maps.

The L.A. Press Club is teaming up with Solutions Journalism Network for training. We will be offering one workshop at no cost prior to the application deadline. If you are new to solutions journalism, we encourage but do not require you to attend this workshop before you apply.

For those who are selected for funding, the L.A. Press Club and the Solutions Journalism Network will offer a mandatory specialized workshop.

The fund is open for applications. The deadline to apply has been extended to 11:59 p.m. on Oct. 22, 2020. Winners will be announced by the end of October.

The total amount available in this first round is $10,000. Each grant is up to $2,500. Half of the grant will be paid up front and the rest when the project is published.

The Los Angeles Press Club should be recognized when finished work is published or broadcast.