Journalism Job Boards/Newsletters

The journalism jobs market is constantly evolving. You should check the employment opportunities posted on the websites of media companies, which may be more useful than general job listing sites. However, the journalism community has a number of unique resources to help connect people with opportunities in the industry. Here are a few that our members have found helpful. Make sure to check for “remote” as a location, both when searching and when scanning listings. For example, some newsletters list opportunities by city/region and place all “remote” jobs at the bottom. Occasionally, opportunities are listed in other major markets but say that they can be performed remotely or in a Los Angeles bureau. Newsletters will often note when alternate locations are allowed, so even if you don’t want to click through every listing, you can sometimes just scan the sections for New York, Washington D.C. and San Francisco.


  • West Coast Media Jobs
    Weekly email on Wednesdays from Mallory Carra, literally traveling up the coast with jobs.
    Also does monthly “gig seekers threads” for freelancers.
  • Journalism Jobs & A Photo of My Dog
    Weekly email on Mondays by Mandy Hofmockel, broken down by region.
  • MEO Jobs of the Day
    Multiple emails per week from one signup, national focus. Site also lists companies that tend to hire for lots of media jobs.
  • Hacks & Hackers
    Weekly email on Sundays; focused on intersection of media (hacks) and engineers (hackers), tends to list data journalism jobs and (virtual) conferences around the world. Scroll to bottom for signup.
  • Inside the Newsroom
    Paid newsletter curated with job listings and internship opps.
  • Opps of the week
    Paid newsletter for freelancers.


  • California Broadcasters Association Jobs List
    Website where TV and radio stations in California typically post jobs as required by EEO and e-PIF.
  • Journalism Jobs 
    Job board mainstay.
  • Who Pays Writers
    Fantastic resource for freelancing.
  • Adweek
    A.K.A. Revolving Door. A little wonky to navigate as they have multiple blog-like feeds for people working in different media platforms, but if you get their main Morning Media Newsfeed, those always list jobs at the bottom (not to be confused with the defunct Politico email also called Morning Media).
    Main job board here: 
  • Cision
    Journalism and editorial jobs with ability to browse by sector.
  • Media Job Board
    A service of Poynter, Editor and Publisher and America’s Newspapers.


  • Frequently Posting Opportunities
  • Groups That May Post Opportunities
    • AAJA – Asian American Journalists Association
    • AMEJA – Arab and Middle Eastern Journalists Association
    • CCNMA – Latino Journalists of California
    • JAWS – Journalism & Women Symposium
    • LAPC – Los Angeles Press Club
    • NABJ – National Association of Black Journalists
    • NAHJ – National Association of Hispanic Journalists
    • NAJA – Native American Journalists Association
    • NLGJA – The Association of LGBTQ Journalists
    • SAJA – South Asian Journalists Association

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