Oswaldo Borraez

Oswaldo Borraez serves as field Investigative reporter for Univision 34’s Emmy Award-winning newscast, “Noticias Univision 34.” With extensive experience in television and radio, Borraez first joined Univision 34 in June 1995.

Borraez was awarded the prestigious Peabody Award for excellence in reporting for the series  “15% of the United States.” He has been awarded reporter of the year in 2014, the same year awarded Best Radio Special on KFI for his three Hour live special “Breaking Down the Border”  with co-host Steven Gregory, has won multiple Telly awards, most recently for his series on the history of “Vaqueros” (Cowboys) in California, breaking news of the year by the National  Association of Hispanic Journalists, Emmy and Golden Mikes awards, a Gabriel and Edward R. Murrow awards. In 2013, he was recognized by the Los Angeles Police Department for his contributions to training and bettering relations with the Latino community. 

He is known in the business for his special coverage of major breaking news in Los Angeles. During his journalistic career, Borraez has interviewed key high-profile individuals such as U.S.  presidents, as well as abroad. He has worked investigating local fraud, abuse and high-profile stories from Police shootings to child abuse, medical malpractice, fake dentists and doctors practicing in the back of vehicles. In the past, he also covered several major news events throughout the city and the nation including the O.J. Simpson murder trial and the California fires. Borraez has broken several pivotal scandals within the Los Angeles metropolitan area such as the investigation of the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office and its serious rat infestation problems, which resulted in the mutilation of several corpses.

That investigation led to the county board of supervisors approving 32 million dollars to build a new crypt, currently under construction. Borraez also investigated the complaints of county employees regarding poorly maintained ambulances and led to the replacement of thirty vehicles,  a multi-state pyramid scheme called La Luz de Oro, which led authorities to seize close to 2  million dollars in cash and real estate that belonged to thousands of victims that were defrauded by the scheme’s organizers.

For Borraez, among all of the memories he has had in his profession, the death of the first  Hispanic soldiers in Iraq was probably the one that made the biggest impact in his life.

Prior to joining Univision 34, Borraez worked at KVEA-TV. Within the radio industry, he has worked for radio stations KFI, UNIVISION radio including KLOVE, UFORIA network and  1020AM, as well as KALI and CNN radio.

Currently, Borraez serves as a board member for the Radio and Television News Association  (RTNA). He is also an instructor of journalism, broadcasting and investigative reporting at the  University of California, Los Angeles and teaches media training for the Los Angeles Police  Department and the Los Angeles Fire Department. He is also a member of the Television  Academy and the Drug Enforcement Citizen’s Academy.