Foot in the Door Fellowship

A Fellowship of the Los Angeles Press Club

Everyone needs someone to open a door for them when they’re starting out in journalism. Too many talented young journalists of color, low-income and LGBTQ journalists, or journalists with disabilities might never get their foot in the door and gain a reputable journalism opportunity because they came up in worlds where the people who know and respect them are outside of journalism.

The L.A. Press Club wants to change that.

Each year 5 talented recent journalism college grads will be paired with a veteran in the field to actively work on securing a valuable work opportunity.

This is your chance to receive support and guidance to find a meaningful and exciting opportunity as you take your first steps into the world of journalism. Apply today!

*Applications close: September 25, 2018*

What Fellows Get:

More than a mentoring relationship, this will be a direct partnership between the fellow and a journalism veteran to figure out how to launch career dreams and take concrete steps together to get there.

L.A. Press Club fellows will meet once a month for six months with their journalism partner. During this time the fellow will work on a plan for getting her foot in the door at the news outlet or journalism institution they would love to work at.

Each month, the fellow will consult with their partner, presenting progress made on the plan. This might include collating a reel or portfolio of professional work, mapping the area of journalism that interests the fellow and creating a list of outlets to target for a position, doing research on who works there and what positions might be attainable, creating a personal website or more robust Linkedin page, creating sharable nuggets of the fellows best work that can be emailed to help make the case for hiring someone.

Who Can Apply:

This fellowship is open to any young journalist looking to move to their next big opportunity. You might be a senior in college studying journalism, a recent grad, or you might be in an entry-level position or internship at a media company. If you have been in journalism for less than five years, you should apply!


* August 2018 — Fellowship applications open
* September 2018 — Fellowship deadline
* October 2018 — Selection process
* November 2018 — Fellows are announced
* January 2019 — 6-month fellowship begins
* June 2019 — Fellowship culminates at annual Awards dinner with fellows being recognized


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