“Bobby Kennedy for President” Netflix Screening

Check out these photos from the exclusive screening of the Netflix Original Documentary Series “Bobby Kennedy for President.”

A big thank you to everyone who attended! Don’t forget to join the L.A. Press Club, or renew your membership for access to more events like these.

“Bobby Kennedy for President” Netflix Screening – Gary Leonard

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3 Thoughts to ““Bobby Kennedy for President” Netflix Screening”

  1. Lori M Cameron

    Where can I find a complete list of winners for 2018? Thanks everyone!

    1. Los Angeles Press Club


      The winner’s list just went online. You can find a link for it on the homepage, or you can go here:


      – Richard.

  2. Kennedy got into the race, so did Vice President Hubert Humphrey, and McCarthy fought on. Then, after midnight on June 5, 1968, RFK stood in front of a cheering crowd at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, after winning the California primary.

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