62nd SoCal Journalism Awards Winners – Journalists of the Year

PRINT — Over 50,000 Circulation

Randy Lewis, Los Angeles Times
https://lat.ms/2v5pLIJ | https://lat.ms/2vUtMQd | https://lat.ms/2B5hDrc | https://lat.ms/2VDXjXw | https://lat.ms/2HFToTA | https://lat.ms/2Pbs7N8 | https://lat.ms/35s2Apu | https://lat.ms/31699dS | https://lat.ms/2vQQF7g

Judges’ comment: With his incisive writing and observations, Randy Lewis thoroughly illuminates his subjects, whether sitting with musician John Prine during a tribute concert, describing the origins of the Coachella festival, or enduring at a theater a 65-hour, 22-movie Marvel movie marathon.

2nd Gary Baum, The Hollywood Reporter

PRINT — Under 50,000 Circulation

Jon Regardie, Los Angeles Downtown News
https://bit.ly/2SmUB8l | https://bit.ly/35j445N | https://bit.ly/2W962l8 | https://bit.ly/2VPfHhE

Judges’ comment: In his must-read Regardie Report, Jon has his finger on the pulse of L.A. politics and government. His superb analysis of the Garcetti years, the homelessness crisis, or pay-to-play politics earns him this award.

2nd Lina Lecaro, LA Weekly

3rd Hillary Davis, Daily Pilot


Christina Pascucci, KTLA
https://youtu.be/co6XChwgIvM | https://bit.ly/2PZu8wn | https://bit.ly/2wInioh | https://bit.ly/2TY1Eo2

Judges’ comment: Whether reporting from Antarctica, a military training base, or the streets of L.A. at night, Christina Pascucci gives the viewers a “you are there” feeling. Compelling, outstanding TV reporting.

2nd Lisa McRee, Spectrum News 1

3rd Giselle Fernandez, Spectrum News 1


Steve Chiotakis, KCRW
https://kcrw.co/2Yn9hIr | https://kcrw.co/3fa6qZ0 | https://kcrw.co/2zHbuUx | https://kcrw.co/2SnNZqg | https://kcrw.co/3aUvFeA | https://kcrw.co/3aZlFB7

Judges’ comment: With wry comments and revealing interviews, Steve Chiotakis provides the listener with fascinating explorations of both familiar and unfamiliar topics. Whether interviewing Dr. Lucy Jones about the impact of earthquakes on L.A.’s water supply, tracing the history of the Apollo space program, or waiting for a “grunion run” with a naturalist, Chiotakis is a terrific radio journalist.

2nd Deborah Zara Kobylt, Deborah Kobylt LIVE

3rd Deepa Fernandes, PRI’S THE WORLD, KCRW and KQED


Joe Rubin, Capital & Main
https://bit.ly/3esMZKC | https://bit.ly/34DGIYa | https://bit.ly/2K7T9C9

Judges’ comment: Joe Rubin and Capital & Main are lauded for their public health investigations of lead contamination, which resulted in the closing of a Bay Area gun range and criticism of a lead-battery legislative bill. Excellent work.

2nd Spencer Custodio, Voice of OC

3rd Sahra Sulaiman, Streetsblog LA


Chris Willman, Variety

Judges’ comment: With a deep understanding of the music industry, Chris Willman is able to write wonderful, in-depth portraits, such as his article on Brandi Carlisle. A terrific writer and observer, Willman is indeed the Entertainment Journalist of the Year.

2nd Daniel D’Addario, Variety

3rd Owen Gleiberman, Variety


Michael J. Duarte, NBC LA
https://bit.ly/2QGov6D | https://bit.ly/2QNMTmN | https://bit.ly/2KFPPym | https://bit.ly/2QLcmNw | https://bit.ly/2wCkvx5 | https://bit.ly/33KtGb3 | https://bit.ly/2QNDUBY | https://bit.ly/2WIGygj | https://bit.ly/2Ul209i | https://bit.ly/39qdOvD | https://bit.ly/3aiDhrS | https://bit.ly/2wBgF7i

Judges’ comment: Whether documenting L.A.’s year of heart-breaking athletics or portraying individual sports personalities, Duarte combines compelling quotes with expert analysis both in print and on-camera. An excellent sports journalist deserving this award.

2nd Bill Shaikin, Los Angeles Times

3rd David Jerome, Orange County Register


Ringo Chiu, Associated Press

Judges’ comment: The terrific, stunning news shots of Ringo Chiu stop you in your tracks, no matter whether they are entertainment, sports or news photos. Outstanding captures of passing moments.

2nd Ernesto Torres, NBC LA

3rd Osceola Refetoff, KCET

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