LAPC Board Member Pink-Slipped by LAT After 27 Years

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 6:01 PM

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Here’s a classy LAT farewell note
Kevin Roderick • July 27 2011 6:47 PM
One of the Los Angeles Times newsroom veterans who learned today that she was laid off is Jane Engle, an assistant editor in Travel who has written a lot for the Travel section. A former editor on the Foreign desk, she’s been with the Times 27 years. She emailed the newsroom an uplifting exit note. Excerpt:

Thanks to all who have helped me and befriended me during my career. Journalism has become a lousy business. But it is still a great profession. For wordsmiths, photographers, artists, designers and the wizards of the Web, it is among the world’s most honorable pursuits.
So to those of you who remain aboard the Los Angeles Times: I wish you the best in these dark times. Please keep ferreting out the truth, heckling the wrong-doers and celebrating the human spirit. I will be cheering you on. To those who, like me, are losing their jobs: Please don’t despair. You are more talented than you may know. To deliver demanding work on a deadline is a rare skill. The universe still needs you. And to Wesla: Honey, I’ll be home for dinner all next week undefined at last!

Engle says in the note that if anyone wants to take her place on the board of the Los Angeles Press Club, they should contact president Will Lewis.

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