62nd SoCal Journalism Awards Winners – Art/Photography


Gina Ferazzi, Los Angeles Times, “Rescuing the Infirmed”

Judges’ comment: Ferazzi captured a strong image in low visibility as health care workers evacuate residents in a tense situation. Excellent photo.

2nd Ringo Chiu, The Associated Press, “Santa Clarita School Shooting”

3rd Ted Soqui, Freelance, “Los Angeles Teachers’ Strike”


Ringo Chiu, Associated Press, “A wildfire evacuation”

Judges’ comment: Chiu’s stunning photo taken during a wildfire easily earns him this first-place award.

2nd Jim Krantz, Tara Thompson, Rudi Uebelhoer and Peter Flax, The Red Bulletin, “Freedom by Design”

3rd Erica Loewy, Anna Wilson and Scottie Cameron, Playboy Magazine, “The Future of Sex Toys is Gender Neutral”


Ringo Chiu, Associated Press, “Los Angeles County Firefighter Collin Bashara”

Judges’ comment: Beautifully captured scene with that portray a quiet intensity and emotion.

2nd Tara Pixley, Loyola Marymount University, “Women Aren’t the Only People Who Get Abortions”

3rd Mark Von Holden, Associated Press, “Apollonia Kotero: A Portrait with Prince”


Ling Luo, USC Annenberg Media, “Women of Troy take Trojan invitational in convincing fashion”

Judges’ comment: Capturing two different emotions in a single photo demonstrates the ability of Luo to find the right moment and place.

2nd Miko Lim, Tara Thompson, Rudi Uebelhoer and Peter Flax, The Red Bulletin, “Body of Work”

3rd Lucy Nicholson, Reuters, “Masters Victory”


Erica Loewy, Anna Wilson and Adrienne Raquel, Playboy Magazine, “Lizzo the Incomparable”

Judges’ comment: With the beautiful use of color and light, including a subtle sparkle that gives a dreamy effect, the Playboy crew produced an award-winning photo of Lizzo.

2nd HollenderX2 and Ada Guerin, TheWrap, “Trevor Noah”

3rd Elisabeth Caren and Ada Guerin, TheWrap, “Sophie Turner as Selena Meyer”


Jim Krantz, Tara Thompson, Rudi Uebelhoer and Peter Flax, The Red Bulletin, “Once Upon a Time in Agua Dolce”

Judges’ comment: The Red Bulletin crew has produced a wonderful mix of a family’s panache and professionalism. Amazing project.

2nd Jennifer Laski, Peter Cury, Michelle Stark and Alexandra Gavillet, The Hollywood Reporter, “Comedy Actress Roundtable”

3rd Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin, KCET, “Nightshift: In the Dark: Los Angeles at Night”

PHOTO ESSAY – News/News Feature

Osceola Refetoff, KCET, “Trona’s Boom, Bust and Uncertain Future”

Judges’ comment: Wonderful, strong compositions. Refetoff’s portraits are presented in a simple, beautiful and human way, and the viewer thus understands the essence of the place portrayed.

2nd Joanne Kim, Capital & Main, “Portraits of Erie, Pennsylvania”

3rd Tara Pixley, Loyola Marymount University, “The Human Costs of Kamala Harris’ War on Truancy”


Lalo Alcaraz, Andrews McMeel Syndication, “Evolution of Anti-Latino Hate”

Judges’ comment: With a sardonic eye, Alcaraz uses the traditional “evolution of man” graphic to sketch the evolution of anti-Latino attitudes among several political figures. An editorial cartoon not soon to be forgotten.

2nd Steven Adamo, East Los Angeles College, “Social Media Advertises Fake News”


Henry Cram, KCET, “Blue Sky Metropolis: An Illustrated History of Aviation in Southern California”
https://bit.ly/2IgKXPc | https://bit.ly/2PC4i1h | https://bit.ly/3cACAfg | https://bit.ly/32IOIq1

Judges’ comment: These illustrations show a great deal of detail and are very well done while including a playful, adventure-filled nature as well.

2nd Kelsey Stefanson and Chris Buzelli, The Hollywood Reporter, “Baby Yoda”

3rd Erica Loewy and Joyce Lee, Playboy Magazine, “Doctor Fuck”


Priya Krishnakumar, Los Angeles Times, “We mapped every wine country fire. They’re larger and more destructive than ever”

Judges’ comment: The mesmerizing graphics of wine country fires are informative and well-done in this award-winning entry by Krishnakumar.

2nd Kyle Kim, Lorena Iñiguez Elebee, Ryan Murphy and Ben Welsh, Los Angeles Times, “What We Know About the Conception’s Escape Routes”

3rd Sonya Quick, Voice of OC, “Angels Make $100 Million a Year at Stadium While Anaheim Barely Gets a Slice”


Jennifer Laski, Peter Cury, Miller Mobley, Stephanie Fischette and Victor Klaus, The Hollywood Reporter, “Actor Roundtable Cover”

Judges’ comment: This cover by The Hollywood Reporter group is a compelling one that readers will view many times.

2nd Kyle Kim, Andrea Roberson, Ryan Murphy and Joseph Serna, Los Angeles Times, “A 3-D Guide to Fireproofing Your House”


Ada Guerin and Shayan Asgharnia, TheWrap, “Emmy Magazine Comedy/Drama/Actors Issue”

Judges’ comment: The cover art for TheWrap’s winning entry is striking and lures the reader inside to read the whole issue.

2nd Peter B. Cury and Alexandra Gavillet, The Hollywood Reporter, “Trevor Noah/Comedy Issue”

3rd Robert Festino, Jennifer Dorn and Kelia Anne, Variety, “Variety Hitmakers Cover with Billie Eilish”


John Goecke, Journal of Alta California, “The Hummingbird Whisperer”

Judges’ comment: Goecke’s practical layout has strong photos with properly wrapped text, making this entry a sure winner.

2nd Kelsey Stefanson and Chris Buzelli, The Hollywood Reporter, “Baby Yoda”

3rd Tara Thompson, The Red Bulletin, “Cuco on the Rise”

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