62nd SoCal Journalism Awards Winners – Newspapers (Circulation Over 50,000)

NEWS FEATURE – General News/Hard News

Thomas Curwen, Los Angeles Times, “The Street Within”
https://lat.ms/387yKqn | https://lat.ms/2Vs7JLL | https://lat.ms/38f7Pcs | https://lat.ms/2T7Ye2t | https://lat.ms/2vhPnm2 | https://lat.ms/2VD6Hwe

Judges’ comment: Curwen’s series is a masterpiece, informing the reader what street life feels like and to understand the challenges facing the homeless, such as “Big Mama” and “Top Shelf,” truly giving voice to the voiceless.

2nd Jeff Collins, Nikie Johnson and Alicia Robinson, Southern California News Group, “SoCal Losing Battle for Places to Live”

3rd Erika Ritchie, Orange County Register, “Young Love Lost, an Only Son Gone, After Fatal Training Accident at Camp Pendleton”

NEWS FEATURE ­— Society/Culture/History

Deborah Vankin, Los Angeles Times, “Confederate statue, plantation, prison: Artists reclaim sites with ‘Battlegrounds’”

Judges’ comment: In a highly competitive category, Vankin’s article about augmented-reality public art in New Orleans stood out, with a great lead into an engaging article intertwining art and history and the importance of public discussion.

2nd Emily Baumgaertner and Deborah Vankin, Los Angeles Times, “Notre Dame May Take Decades to Fix. The First Concerns Are Water and Soot”

3rd John Penner, Los Angeles Times, “Milos Forman, Ivan Passer and Their 73-Year Friendship”


Kelly Hartog, Jewish Journal, “Frank Gehry’s Vision for the World’s Jewish Museum in Tel Aviv”

Judges’ comment: Hartog does an excellent job in contrasting opinions and beliefs about the famous architect and his view on his work and the faith it represents.

2nd Stephanie Mendez, Los Angeles Times, “Las Fotos Project Gives Girls a Mission: Grab a Camera and Shoot Your World”

3rd David Jerome, Orange County Register, “Extra Innings: Three Fullertonians Make Major League Baseball’s Oldest Players List”


Makeda Easter, Los Angeles Times, “Destination Crenshaw art project aims to reclaim the neighborhood for black L.A.”

Judges’ comment: This article paints a vivid picture of Destination Crenshaw, along with explaining the project’s impact on the local community.

2nd Randy Lewis, Los Angeles Times, “Linda Ronstadt Leads Kids to the Intersection of Arts and Understanding Across the Border”

3rd Ashley Lee, Los Angeles Times, “Projection Design Is Reinventing Theater, and Not Just Broadway”


Jenn Harris and Andrea Chang, Los Angeles Times, “From Kim Kardashian’s bestie to dining deity: The rise of Foodgod”

Judges’ comment: The tone of this story matches the topic, and the writing in this piece – a combination of admiration and hatred – truly captures the Millennial ethos.

2nd Lisa Fung, Los Angeles Times, “Tyler Bates’ Surprising Next Gig: Cirque du Soleil’s ‘R.U.N’”

3rd Esther Kustanowitz, Jewish Journal, “Mohammed al Samawi: How Interfaith Activism Became and Saved His Life”


Chris Palmeri, Bloomberg, “Bob Iger Tears Up Disney’s Playbook for High-Risk Bet on Streaming”

Judges’ comment: Palmeri’s investigative piece about Disney is an absorbing, well-written story that is also delightfully comprehensive.

2nd Meg James, Los Angeles Times, “Troubles at CBS Ran Deep”


Thomas Curwen, Katie Falkenberg, Al Seib, Priya Krishnakumar and Sean Greene, Los Angeles Times, “A historic oil platform off Santa Barbara turns into a rusty ghost ship”
https://lat.ms/2IhJGHH | ESSAY: https://lat.ms/38eMJLj | VIDEO: https://bit.ly/2I1CCPc

Judges’ comment: The descriptive language in the beginning really draws the reader in. The topic is thoroughly researched and accompanied by great art and a good headline.

2nd Stacy Perman, Meg James, Ryan Faughnder and Josh Rottenberg, Los Angeles Times, “Fox-Disney Merger”

3rd Jeff Collins, Nikie Johnson and Alicia Robinson, Southern California News Group, “SoCal Losing Battle for Places to Live”


Patricia Bunin, Southern California News Group, “Senior Moments”

Judges’ comment: Among the excellent columns by Bunin is “A phone call triggers a flood of memories,” which brings the reader to tears, proving that a piece does not have to be lengthy to be great.

2nd David Jerome, Orange County Register, “Mr. Bucketlist”

3rd David Suissa, Jewish Journal, “Finding Love in the Era of Hate”


Randy Lewis, Los Angeles Times, “Taylor Swift, entitled millionaire, is the labor activist the music industry needs”

Judges’ comment: A detailed and illuminating roadmap of a young artist’s evolution and her battles to protect and promote creative freedom.

2nd Annabelle Gurwitch, Los Angeles Times, “They Were Homeless. I Took Them In. Would You?”

3rd Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times, “As Center Theatre Group Sputters, L.A. Struggles to Realize Its Artistic Potential”

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