62nd SoCal Journalism Awards Winners – Foreign Correspondents


Emma Parry, The Sun, “’IT WAS UTTER HELL’ Ex-Scientology member ‘sexually abused and sent to prison camps with pedophiles aged just 12’”

Judges’ comment: Fascinating, and disturbing, peek inside the workings of Scientology’s Florida-based Sea Org.

2nd Aviva Fried and Christèle Jaime, RTS (Swiss TV), “A Chilean Revolution”

3rd Tom Walters and Liam Hyland, CTV National News – Canadian Television, “Costco Shooting”


Tom Walters and Liam Hyland, CTV National News – Canadian Television, “Teeter Totter”

Judges’ comment: Masterful job of joining ideas and putting them into practice with the emotion of the participants.

2nd Ruksana Hussain, Restless Magazine, “The Women of Tequila: Preserving Culinary Traditions”

3rd Zulekha Nathoo, CBC News, “’We Stand with You’: Choir!Choir!Choir! Performs at U.S.-Mexico Border”


Chrissy Iley, Sunday Times Magazines, “Roseanne Barr on Her Love for Trump and Being Axed from Her Own TV Show”

Judges’ comment: Excellent balanced treatment of a controversial subject; lovely, readable style.

2nd Alessandra Mattanza, Vanity Fair, “Mel Gibson”

3rd Tina Jøhnk Christensen, Scandinavian Traveler, “Viggo’s Stardust”


Kjersti Flaa, TV2 Norway, “Diane Keaton on Love, Marriage and Instagram”

Judges’ comment: An engaging interview with a fascinating and thoughtful range of topics. The interviewer and Keaton maintained an endearing chemistry in their exchanges, which seemed to elicit authentic responses that surely resonate with viewers.

2nd Janet Nepales, Manila Bulletin, “Understanding Jordan Peele and ‘Us’”

3rd Zulekha Nathoo, CBC News, “’I Feel in Charge of My Life’: Céline Dion on Her New Tour, Music and Outlook”


Mary O’Hara, The Guardian, “The National Health Service Is a Precious Thing: Try Being Ill in the US If You Don’t Believe This”


Judges’ comment: In this article, Mary O’Hara shares something she learned during a visit to a doctor’s office in the U.S.: some Americans are risking their physical health because the cost of medicine is having a negative impact on their financial health.

2nd Tom Walters, CTV National News – Canadian Television, “The Hug”

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