62nd SoCal Journalism Awards Winners – Magazines


Ryan Bradley, Robb Report, “In the Line of Fire”

Judges’ comment: Reading about any type of devastation is at times difficult, but Bradley’s well-told personal story in exploring the impact of fire is moving.

2nd Scott Johnson, The Hollywood Reporter, “Fire in the House of Dreams”

3rd Matt Smith, Reveal/The Center for Investigative Reporting, “The Happiest Cats on Earth – Disneyland”


Denise Hamilton, Journal of Alta California, “Manson, Inc.”

Judges’ comment: With new facts, anecdotes and quotes that elevate the “shock and awe” of the 50-year-old Manson chronicle, Hamilton provides an outstanding and compelling commentary.

2nd Tara Pixley, Loyola Marymount University,”Photographing Domestic Violence: Showing Uncomfortable Truths”

3rd Kim Masters, The Hollywood Reporter,”Has Me Too Gone Too Far?”


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, The Hollywood Reporter
“Green Book” – 
“Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” – 
“Joker” – 

Judges’ comment: Kareem’s writing is involving, nuanced and revelatory all at once. His arguments are well-reasoned and well-written – whether you agree with them or not – which is the hallmark of excellent commentary.

2nd Katherine Mangu-Ward, Reason

3rd Naiia Lajoie, Manila Up! International Magazine

FEATURE – Business/Government, Over 1,000 Words

Francine Kiefer, The Christian Science Monitor, “Latino Power”

Judges’ comment:Kiefer’s feature succinctly summarizes legislative policy and traces Latinos’ growing political activism over the past 25 years and speculates whether the Latinx community may push other states Democratic in the 2020 election, just as they previously turned California blue.

2nd Michael Schneider, Variety, “TV’s Emmy Arms Race: Why This Could Be the Most Expensive Season Ever”

3rd Chris Palmeri, Bloomberg Businessweek, “A Live Reality Cop Show Is Cable TV’s Best Bet to Compete with Streaming”

FEATURE — Culture/Arts, Over 1,000 Words

Lynell George, Journal of Alta California, “Listen for the Word, the Bird is Playing Tonight”

Judges’ comment: To put it briefly (and mildly): There’s music in this piece. It was a true pleasure to read.

2nd Ari Altstedter and Lucas Shaw, Bloomberg Businessweek, “Inside the Most Watched YouTube Channel in the World”

3rd Gary Baum, The Hollywood Reporter, “The Tiger and the Tragic Trick”

FEATURE, Under 1,000 Words

Celine Teo-Blockey, Peter Flax and Nora O’Donnell, The Red Bulletin, “Heart And Soul”

Judges’ comment: Written so well that you can see the singer perform; extremely well written and imaginative.

2nd Peter Savodnik, Journal of Alta California, “The Lost Galleon of the California Desert”

3rd Lisa Niver, Hemispheres Magazine for United Airlines, “Painter by the Numbers, Rembrandt”


Daniel Holloway and Matt Donnelly, Variety, “Does Kevin Feige’s Marvel Promotion Mean Ike Perlmutter’s Endgame?”

Judges’ comment: Great look at the behind-the-scenes turmoil and wrangling at one of the major movers in entertainment. Well-researched and great writing in a very tough category.

2nd Rebecca Keegan, The Hollywood Reporter, “In Baby Yoda, Hollywood Sees Its Past, Present and Meme-able Future”

3rd Kate Aurthur, Variety, “After Decades of Stagnation, Women Film Directors See Major Gains in Hollywood”


Daniel D’Addario, Variety, “Don Lemon, CNN’s ‘Unicorn,’ on Facing Racism and Homophobia”

Judges’ comment: D’Addario’s profile of Don Lemon is a terrific piece about a journalist personally facing issues that he normally discusses with others as a network anchor.

2nd Lucas Shaw, Bloomberg Businessweek, “How the Danish Justin Bieber Made It Big in China”

3rd Seth Abramovitch, The Hollywood Reporter, “Samuel L. Jackson: Mr. Box Office”

PERSONALITY PROFILE, Politics/Business/Arts Personalities

Scott Johnson, Peter Flax and Nora O’Donnell, The Red Bulletin, “Freedom by Design”

Judges’ comment: It’s one thing to craft an opener that’s pure adrenaline (as is the case here). It’s quite another to sustain that piqued interest, to keep the reader hooked, (which, again, was undoubtedly the case here). Keeping you hooked to the end.

2nd Anita Little and James Rickman, Playboy Magazine, “A Very Millennial Scandal”

3rd Tatiana Siegel, The Hollywood Reporter, “How to Give Away $420 Million: Cheryl and Haim Saban on Hollywood Philanthropy, Israel and 2020 Politics”


Variety and Rolling Stone, Variety, “American (In)Justice”

Judges’ comment: Beautiful designs, easy to read and exceptional content about all aspects of a topic that isn’t covered nearly enough.

2nd Staff, Collegian Times, “Collegian Times”

3rd Letty Avila and Susan Bell, USC Dornsife Office of Communication, “USC Dornsife Magazine: The Happiness Issue”


Peter Cury and Kelsey Stefanson, The Hollywood Reporter, “New York Issue”

Judges’ comment: Cury and Stefanson’s design is well-organized, interspersed with punchy, playful elements, and has beautiful type, photography and infographics.

2nd Joanna Andreasson, Reason, “SPECIAL ISSUE DESIGN: The Good/Bad Issue”

3rd Jarrett Ramones and Maria Torres, Calafia, “Intersectional Feminism”

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