62nd SoCal Journalism Awards Winners – Broadcast


Leslie Berestein Rojas, KPCC/LAist, “White or ‘other?’ With no census category for 2020, Arab-Americans debate which box to check”

Judges’ comment: This is a fantastic exploration of a minority that receives little public service coverage.

2nd Jesse Hardman, Steve Chiotakis, Sonya Geis, Ray Guarna and Christian Bordal, KCRW, “Crossing the Mexican Border, Twice a Day, to Get to High School”

3rd Deepa Fernandes, PRI’S The World, “The DACA Recipient Who Is Suing the President”


Jacob Soboroff, Aarne Heikkila, Mitchell Koss, Betsy Korona and Haimy Assefa, NBC News, “Human Trafficking in Los Angeles – Hiding in Plain Sight”

Judges’ comment: The evil of human trafficking is made crystal clear in this absorbing report by the NBC News writers.

2nd Matt Bass, Juan Devis, Matthew Crotty, Nathan Masters and Angela Boisvert, KCET, “Lost LA: Operation Bootstrap and the Shindana Toy Company”

3rd Ellina Abovian, KTLA 5 News, “On Armenian Genocide’s 104th Anniversary, Montebello Woman Tells Grandmother’s Story of Survival”


Courtney Kocak, Steve Chiotakis, Sonya Geis, Phillip Richards and Christian Bordal, KCRW, “Silver Lake council member Maebe A. Girl”

Judges’ comment: This story was captivating, well-produced, and thoroughly enjoyable. A great job pairing journalism and human interest.

2nd Jesús Alvarado, USC Annenberg Radio News, “The World’s First-Ever LGBTQ Mariachi Band”

3rd Peter Jones, Brian Tessier, Juan Devis, Michael Riley and Matthew Crotty, KCET, “Blue Sky Metropolis:  Women in Aerospace”


Joe Delmonico, Josh Mankiewicz, Jessica de Vera, Alvaro Trenchi and Paul Nichols, Dateline NBC, NBC News, “Out of the Darkness”

Judges’ comment: Great storytelling! Most True Crime shows follow a basic pattern that can be both vague and bloodless. Not so when investigated by Josh Mankiewicz whose work is filled with details and nuance. His interviewing skills remind us of what used to be said of baseball great Willie Mays’ amazing ability to make impossible catches seem routine. So effortless and relatable is Mankiewitz when asking questions, he never fails to elicit honest and meaning answers.

2nd Inside the Issues with Alex Cohen, Spectrum News 1, “Ed Buck”

3rd Ben Bergman, Karen Foshay, Andy Viner and Denise Chan, KCET, “SoCal Connected: Cannabis Country”

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