62nd SoCal Journalism Awards Winners – Television/Film Broadcast


Spectrum News 1 Team, Spectrum News 1, “Your Morning on Spectrum News 1”

Judges’ comment: This anchor team feels very authentic, likeable and knowledgeable. They did a great job with newscast flow and the behind-the-scenes directing/editing was very clean. The reporter stories were also good. Strong content and well done.

2nd Zoe Ginsberg, Nikki Walker and Yannie Hoang, USC Annenberg Media, “California in Flames”

3rd Spectrum News 1 Team, Spectrum News 1, “Your Evening on Spectrum News 1”


Roy Choi, KCET, “Broken Bread”

Judges’ comment: This anchor/host has a unique point of view that attracts viewers and is very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter.

2nd Kelvin Washington, Spectrum News 1, “Kelvin Washington”

3rd Keith Morrison, Joe Delmonico and Susan Leibowitz, Dateline NBC, NBC News, “Robert Durst: The Secret Tapes”


Dennis Nishi, KCET, “SoCal Connected: The New Normal”

Judges’ comment: Nishi brings a passion to shooting his videos that greatly enhance the stories being reported.

2nd Phil Ige, KTLA 5 News, “The Heroes Ride”

3rd Ernesto Torres, KNBC 4, “A True Blessing”


Ernesto Torres and Tony Shin, KNBC 4, “Protect Homes”

Judges’ comment: With all the “Breaking News” stories these days, Torres and Shin bring expert, calm reporting segments that are informative without being too repetitive or dramatic.

2nd Steve Kuzj and Darren Phan, KTLA 5 News, “Pet Panic: Wildfire Threatens Pet Shelter”

3rd Spectrum News 1 Team, Spectrum News 1, “Breaking News: Wildfires”


Ben Bergman, Michael Bloecher and Tori Edgar, KCET, “SoCal Connected: Access Denied”

Judges’ comment: An unbelievable look at the struggle to keep California’s beaches public. In-depth and informative reporting at its best.

2nd Paul Detrick, Reason, “The War on Backpage.com Is a War on Sex Workers”

3rd Susan Leibowitz, David Ketterling and Natalie Morales, Dateline NBC, NBC News, “The Prussian Blue Mystery”

NEWS FEATURE, Over 5 Minutes

Itay Hod, Spectrum News 1, “24 hours on the streets of Hollywood”
https://vimeo.com/411650525 | https://vimeo.com/411650566

Judges’ comment: A complete presentation, from the anchors, to the set, to the editing, to the passion of the reporter, it all came together with beauty and emotion.

2nd Karen Foshay, Michael Bloecher, Dennis Nishi and Tori Edgar, KCET, “SoCal Connected: The New Normal”

3rd Gabriela Teissier and Andres Pruna, KMEX, “Dinosaur Hunter”

NEWS FEATURE, Under 5 Minutes

Steve Kuzj and Dave Lopez, KTLA 5 News, “Learning to Chase: How the CHP Sharpens their Skills”

Judges’ comment: Among ride-alongs with police officers, this was a great way to get out of the box and explore an aspect of police work that is, as one of the officers said, glamorized by Hollywood blockbusters. Great work!

2nd Christina Pascucci, Dave Lopez and Nick Simpson, KTLA 5 News, “The Mojave Desert Battlefield”

3rd Denise Chan, KCET, “SoCal Connected: The Power & Influence Behind the World of Recycling”


Karen Foshay, Vince Beiser, Andy Viner and Dennis Nishi, KCET, “SoCal Connected: Who Killed Josiah?”

Judges’ comment: Not only does this story include great content, it is told in a way that invokes passion and emotion. It is written and edited very well.

2nd Artifact Nonfiction and KCET, KCET, “Nightshift”

3rd Zoe Ginsberg, Nikki Walker, Yannie Hoang, Chris Cheshire and Genevieve Glass, USC Annenberg Media, “USC Responds to the Dangers of Fentanyl”


Itay Hod, Spectrum News 1, “Touched by an Angel”

Judges’ comment: This is a heartwarming redemption story with an emotional and powerful use of before and after visuals. It’s touching that this man walked away from the initial interview wanting to write a different ending to his story. The gratitude displayed in his eyes is moving. Great storytelling with a hopeful and humanizing message. As journalists we need to do more of this to give our audiences insight into how a story comes together.

2nd Michael Ray and Tori Edgar, KCET, “Local Heroes: Pastor Stephen Cue Jn-Marie”

3rd Kacey Montoya and Paul Sanchez, KTLA 5 News, “Navy Veteran Shares Story of Struggle in Hopes of Helping Other Warriors”


KCET, Tastemade and Roy Choi, KCET, “Broken Bread: Future of Food”

Judges’ comment: KCET and Tastemade make excellent use of visuals and commentary in looking at the future of food in these intense times.

2nd Dignicraft, Juan Devis, Matthew Crotty and Jacqueline Reyno, KCET, “Artbound: Día de Los Muertos”

3rd Artifact Nonfiction and KCET, KCET, “Nightshift”


Dr. Daniel E. Walker, Juan Devis, Matthew Crotty, Jacqueline Reyno and Wrong Creative, KCET, “Artbound: How Sweet The Sound – Gospel In Los Angeles”

Judges’ comment: In examining how gospel has an impact on Los Angeles, the KCET reporters and staff have produced an excellent report about a captivating subject.

2nd Eric Fernandez, Michael Bloecher and Michael Ray, KCET, “SoCal Connected: Jazz City”

3rd Itay Hod, Spectrum News 1, “Surviving #MeToo”


Angelique Jackson, Mackenzie Johnson and Meredith Woerner, Variety, “Meet Victoria Mahoney: The First Woman to Direct a ‘Star Wars’ Film”

Judges’ comment: In a compelling interview with the first woman to direct a Star Wars film, the Variety staff provide lovely insight into Mahoney’s achievement.

2nd Audrey Yap, Tucker Morrison and Greg Georgianna, Variety, “’Watchmen’ Star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II Talks Playing Doctor Manhattan and ‘Matrix 4’ Role”

3rd Giselle Fernandez, Spectrum News 1, “Frank Gehry”


Justin Monticello, Reason, “’One Child Nation’ Exposes the Tragic Consequences of Chinese Population Control”

Judges’ comment: Monticello’s exploration of the consequences of China’s “one-child” rule described in a documentary makes for terrific viewing.

2nd Giselle Fernandez, Spectrum News 1, “Chaz Guest”

3rd Matt Bass, Juan Devis, Matthew Crotty, Nathan Masters and Angela Boisvert, KCET, “Lost LA: Paul Revere Williams”


Karen Foshay, Michael Ray and Helki Frantzen, KCET, “SoCal Connected: Born to Run”

Judges’ comment: KCET’s staff produced a terrific sports report with so many storylines that are well-connected.

2nd Beyond the Sport Team, Spectrum News 1, “Local Wrestler Fights for a Cause”

3rd Tom Walters and Liam Hyland, CTV National News – Canadian Television, “Battle of the Ages”


Los Angeles Times Today with Lisa McRee Team, Spectrum News 1, “Los Angeles Times Today with Lisa McRee”
https://vimeo.com/411643806 | https://vimeo.com/411643820 | https://vimeo.com/411643838 | https://vimeo.com/411643768 | https://vimeo.com/411643786 | https://vimeo.com/411643802

Judges’ comment: Very well-rounded coverage presented in a well-spoken manner.

2nd In Focus Team, Spectrum News 1, “Chemical Concerns”

3rd Karen Foshay, Vince Beiser and Andy Viner, KCET, “SoCal Connected: It’s Not Easy Being Green”


Artifact Nonfiction and KCET, KCET, “Nightshift”

Judges’ comment: Captivating and a great story that might otherwise remain untold.

2nd Erik Himmelsbach-Weinstein and Jessica Q. Chen, Los Angeles Times, “L.A. in the Time of Charles Manson”

3rd Tom Donahue, STARZ, “This Changes Everything”

DOCUMENTARY SHORT — Under 25 Minutes

Genia Dulot, Voice of America, “Love and Ballots”

Judges’ comment: In a report about how a married California couple – one a Trump supporter, the other not – work together to leave water for Mexican migrants at the border, Dulot nicely captures how opposites can find common ground.

2nd Elizabeth Lee, Voice of America, “Paradise Lost, Regained and Rebuilding”

3rd Matt Bass, Juan Devis, Matthew Crotty, Nathan Masters and Angela Boisvert, KCET, “Lost LA: Three Views of Manzanar”

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