Journalist Safety Reminder for Upcoming Protests in Los Angeles

Recent events in Israel and Palestine are heartbreaking on many levels. In addition to the innocent civilians lost, we mourn the deaths of our journalist colleagues who were covering the conflict.

Los Angeles is home to a diverse community, with people connected to and deeply affected by these tragedies. This is one of several reasons for protests that have occurred in our streets and which may occur again in the days ahead.

Last weekend, protesters in Los Angeles hit at least three local journalists with pepper spray. Our region also has a disturbing legacy of police brutality toward journalists during protests, which has continued despite recent state legislation that affirms your right to cover unlawful assemblies.

Please review your safety plans BEFORE you go into the field to cover protests. This applies to any protest, not just ones related to Israel and Palestine. The Los Angeles Press Club produced the following list of safety tips, which was first published last year and remains up to date.

Our organization closely monitors violations of press rights and advocates for safety and accountability. If you have questions or are aware of any incidents, please email

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