By Rochelle Levy

Happiness  (in this most unsettling time) is

A gift at the front door—toilet paper, Kleenex and a roll of paper towels

Telling my boss that my facetime is “broken” so that she doesn’t know that I am still in my pajamas

When my grand daughter Charlie tells me that what she misses most during the week is “me”

Answering every opinion poll that appears in my email account,  making me feel quite important to someone. . .

Rain, lots of rain. . .that I  stay dry inside and my plants are all wet outside

Knowing that the sun still comes up in the morning

Finding the last box of pasta that happened to slip into the back of the shelf, just waiting for me

Knowing that the garbage is still picked up, the water in my faucet still runs and the lights stay on in the dark

Finding perspective

Realizing that today is actually Tuesday, a date on the calendar, not just another random day but a day grounded in reality. . .my reality. .. and that is good enough for today.

Knowing that everyone is having the same horrible hair day that I am experiencing.

Getting to the end of my work day so that I can get back into my sweats and my “Hello Kitty”  slippers. . . .a certain kind of happiness!

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